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DANCE NAME Released Rhythm Phase
Don’t Let the Old Man In Aug 2019 BL VI
Please Mr. Brown Jul 2019 TG V+1
Pasopim Feb 2019 PD V
I Wanna Talk About Me Mar 2018 JV IV+2+1
Song for a New Beginning Mar 2018 BL IV
Fat Sam’s Grand Slam Jul 2017 QS V+0+1
Try Everything Feb 2017 Hustle Unph(~5)
Staying’ Alive Aug 2016 Hustle Unph(~5)
When You Smile VI Dec 2015 FT VI
New Fever Waltz Jul 2015 WZ V+1
Cactus Christmas Dec 2014 WC IV+1
Ven Conmigo Jul 2014 CH IV+2
I Can’t Dance Nov 2013 FT IV+2
Did You Ever Jul 2013 BL V
Take Me Out to the Ball Game May 2012 JV V
Baby Mine Feb 2012 Hesitation-Canter WZ IV
Bring It On Home To Me Aug 2011 STS V
Sleepsong May 2011 WZ IV+2
The Scare Floor Feb 2011 QS V+1+1
Say You’ll Love Me Aug 2010 RB VI
Rabbit Tango Mar 2010 TG V
When you Smile Aug 2009 FT V
Ragtime Waltz Aug 2009 WZ IV
Fun Fun Fun May 2009 JV V+1+1
Take it to the Limit Aug 2008 WZ VI
Like Red on a Rose Mar 2008 WZ III+2
Strawberry Patch with Sally Mar 2008 QS IV
You Go To My Head Sep 2007 FT/WC V+0+2
In The Summertime Mar 2007 TS II+1
Son of a Preacher Man Feb 2007 JV IV+1
Spanish Flea Mambo Dec 2006 MB III+1
Spanish Flea Sep 2006 CH III
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